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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  January 17, 2014 7:00am-9:01am PST

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ow, for five days only, save $300 to $800 on our newest innovations. plus special financing until january 2017 on select sleep number beds. ends monday! only at a sleep number store, where queen mattresses start at just $699.99. sleep number. comfort individualized. >> reporter: we're live in redwood city where firefighters are attacking a four-alarm fire
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on a commercial building. we'll tell you if they have this under control and tell you what residents are saying they experienced when they first got here. in just a couple of hours, the man suspected of setting several arson fires in san jose is due in court. the hard work of one san jose police officer that led to the capture of the suspect. in just a few hours, in san francisco, governor jerry brown is expected to declare a drought emergency. the other steps he's also considering to conserve water. >> reporter: a lot of excitement and anticipation here in the bay area as fans prepare for the 49ers' nfc championship game in weekend. coming up we'll tell you what fans are saying about the game and what sports analysts predict might be the outcome. "mornings on 2" starts right now. good morning. welcome to "mornings on 2." we have been following this breaking news in redwood city.
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a huge fire at a machine shop that's now gone to four alarms. ktvu's janine de la vega was the first reporter on the scene and she'll have a live update for us in just a few minutes. good morning. i'm tori campbell. >> good morning. i'm dave clark. let's check your weather and traffic. steve is off today. but we have rosemary. >> good morning to you. we'll be sunny and mild, one again, giving you a live look here over the oakland estuary. fairly full moon in place. 54 minutes until the moon will set. 23 minutes until the official sunrise. we have mostly clear skies around the region. chilly temperatures this morning. 30 degrees, santa rosa, 33 in napa. 34 in fairfield. upper 40s in livermore. low 30s in concord. around the bay, a cool start but not as bad. 38 around the airport and oakland. 52 san francisco. mid-40s for downtown oakland. and mid-40s in hayward. as we get into your afternoon, temperatures will warm. we'll be unseasonably mild. we won't be as warm as we get
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into your weekend. widespread 60s in the forecast with mostly sunny skies and then for the second half of the day, temperatures warming in the 60s. along coast, we may cool a degree or two. we expect an afternoon sea breeze for the second half. 66 in pacifica. 69 in concord. 70 degrees napa. 72 san jose. near record warmth. we'll have a comparison and show you which areas might break records and i will have a look at the temperatures coming up. good morning, sal. good morning the four-alarm fire we've been telling is now become a traffic issue because it's slight. people can actually see the smoke coming up from near the freeway even though obviously it's not blocking any lanes. people kind of slow down because they tend to be curious. but a huge thick big black cloud of smoke.
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if you want to avoid the area use 280 as an alternative. it looks good and you will avoid the rubberneckers from the fire. bay bridge, that's backed up for about a 15-minute wait at the tone. another 10 on the bridge. your live drive time is 25 minutes into the city. not too bad. friday a little bit better than normal. also this morning, we're looking at 24 westbound between walnut creek and oakland. that's about a 12-minute drive time which is about normal getting over to the oakland side. it's 7:04. let's go back to the desk. as sal mentioned, breaking news from the peninsula. right now, crews are battling a huge fire at a machine shop in redwood city. it's burning out of control on baywood and douglas avenue. the flames can be seen for miles. sal was saying it's causing a traffic problem showing down traffic at 101. janine de la vega was the first reporter on the scene and joins us with an update. good morning, janine. >> reporter: good morning. it's incredible how quickly this fire has grown. i just got off the phone with
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the fire marshal who told me that this is now at six alarms. take a look. a huge plume of dark smoke come from what told is a machine shop. i spoke with the family that owns it. they are very distraught. they don't know exactly how this happened. this fire is not under control. they are fighting it from the ground, spraying it. dumping water on it and then they are also using their aerial ladders to put as much water on it as they can. i'm assuming at this point, nobody has entered the building. i'm told that on the top floor of the machine shop, there are several residential apartments. and we've learned that, you know, several people escaped. at least a family of four. just to get a little more information about what residents experienced, i'm
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joined by todd woboggle. you called this in? >> i didn't call it in. i didn't have a phone. the gentleman behind me called it in. i happened to get home ten minutes before the fire, happened to see the smoke, knowing smoke wasn't supposed to be coming from that area. got on my bike, rode from the area. immediately, turned around around went to the apartment next store and started pounding on doors to get residents out there. the gentleman behind me called the fire department. two, three minutes later, the fire department is there. >> reporter: it's amazing how big it's grown. >> i've been here quite a few years. two fires on woodside road and apartment fires and now this one, it's just scary. just scary. >> reporter: thank you so much for talking to us. >> thank you. okay. >> reporter: again, firefighters have been scrambling around here. we've seen firefighters from redwood city, from belmont, san mateo county, there's numerous firefighters here on the scene
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because, again, this has grown to six alarms. don't know what exactly is inside the machine shop. when you see the black, heavy smoke, that means there's some sort of fuel inside there and they've been so busy, they've not been able to get me any sort of update where they are in this it. we'll stay here on scene and monitor it. reporting live from redwood city, janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. today at noon, the arson suspect accused of terrorizing a san jose neighborhood is due in court. that's according to county officials. 48-year-old patrick william brennan has a long history of starting fires. 15 years ago, ktvu news interviewed brennan after he was arrested and accused of starting several fires on public trails in the south bay. investigators say brennan is linked to 12 recent fires, including last thursday's big fire that destroyed a warehouse. right now, brennan is charged with starting two fires. that number may go up.
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police say he was identified through surveillance videos that show a man setting the fires and also through the very hard work of an overnight duty sergeant who searched through a database on arsonists. >> detectives do this kind of work day in and day out. they are very good at what they do in terms of investigating, not so much arsons but just criminal activity and serial type crime. >> police say patrick brennan is a registered sex and arson offender here in california. he was arrested in 2001 for sexual battery on a relative. 7:08. if brennan is convicted of starting the new fires, he could be sentenced to life in prison under california's three strikes law. in the case archives, we found robert handa's interview with him in 199 the 9 at the santa clara county jail. brennan pleaded guilty to
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several arsons. >> i'm not out there trying to destroy properties or lives. >> what are you or who are you? >> i'm a nice person. i guess i'm somebody with problems that needs help. >> when brennan was an employee working at the grand canyon, he was convicted of a misdemeanor for setting small fires at the national park. brennan is currently in jail on $1 billion bail. it could take days before firefighters contain a wildfire near los angeles. the fire is only 30% contained and has burned 1700 acres. evacuations are still in effect this morning for a couple of thousand people in the city of azusa in los angeles county. coming up at 7:30, the home that was destroyed that was originally built by a famous family. 7:09. ready for football. the 49ers will have one last practice in santa clara today before they hop on the private
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jet and head for seattle in their quest for a sixth super bowl. allie rasmus is live in san francisco now where the anticipation, the excitement is building for sunday's big game. allie? >> reporter: that's right, dave. the stakes are high. the vibe is intense. fans cannot wait for this sunday's game between the seattle seahawks and the 49ers. it will be the 49ers' 15th nfc championship game. we stopped by the knbr radio studios to talk to the host of the show this morning. one of the things they've and a lot of fans have been talking about is the intense rivalry that's developed between these two west coast teams. while murph and mac think there will be challenges for the 9ers, they think the pros sect is -- prospect is good. >> it's really loud. it's a problem. it will be a problem for colin kaepernick. >> i don't think the 49ers are intimidated. i think the 9er offense is really starting to roll the way
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we've been hoping it would all season long and the 9er defense is as good as any. i like the 9ers. i think this is their time. >> fans are hoping that's the case. the 9ers have one more practice before they head off to seattle. this is the team's 15th nfc championship game. to give you perspective, the last time the 9ers face off against a west coast rival was back in 1989. that's when the 9ers played the l.a. rhames. the 9ers -- rams. the 9ers won that game 30-3. fans are hoping for a repeat. the kickoff for this game is at 3:30 on sunday. the countdown for fans is on. allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. >> all right, allie. ktvu's julie haner, mark ibanez and joe fonzi are in seattle. they will host "road chip to a championship" tonight at 6:30 and then an hour-long show tomorrow night at 9:00. and then the game is sunday
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right here on ktvu channel 2. kickoff at 3:30 after the game stay tuned for our point after postgame show live from seattle. 7:11. today people in oakland's bicycle community are planning a special ride honoring a woman who was hit and killed last month while riding her bike. 62-year-old susan watson of el cerrito was hit by a big rig near fifth and market. the event is designed to raise awareness of bicycle safety. the people plan to take the 520 ferry that leaves from oyster point and arrives at jack london square around 6:00. watson used to take that ferry home on her return trip from work in south san francisco. 7:12. politicians, duking it out. find out where this rowdy clash happened and what prompted such an angry outburst. good morning. right now, we're still looking at traffic that's moderately
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heavy. but there's a problem on the pill if you are -- peninsula if you are gonna take hip one, you might want to think that -- take highway 101, you might want to rethink that. not as warm as we've been as we get into the weekend. there's a cooling trend. i will have a look at your numbers -- coming up. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. yeah. everybody knows that. did you know there is an oldest trick in the book? what? trick number one. look-est over there. ha ha. made-est thou look. so end-eth the trick. hey.... yes.... geico. fifteen minutes could save you... well, you know.
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we're still following breaking news on the peninsula this morning. a huge fire. fire crews are battling a six- alarm fire. this is at a machine shop in redwood city. it's big. ktvu was first there just before 6:30 this morning. janine de la vega has been there since then. we're gonna keep updating what's happening at this flaming machine shop, updating you and bringing you new information from redwood city. this is affecting traffic in
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the area. as soon as we get that information in, you will get it as well. in 45 minutes, president obama will announce the changes he wants to make to the nsa's surveillance programs. ktvu's kyla campbell, live in washington, d.c., where the experts say the president has two main goals. kyla? >> reporter: dave, first is to better protect the privacy of americans. second is to end the bulk phone data collection program as it currently exists. president obama is not expected to say who should hold the data. he wants input from intelligence agencies in congress. a presidential commission recommended moving that data to the telephone companies or a third party. the nsa will have to get permission from federal surveillance court before it can access the collection. the review and recommendations from sparked by edward snowden. he leaked spy program secret
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tlus the media -- through the media. he's living in russia. >> at a time where technology is exploding where we figure out ways that the government does not know about all of your phone calls, your e-mail, the websites. >> reporter: president obama will be speaking from the justice department next hour and we'll have live coverage right here on "mornings on 2." live in washington, kyla campbell, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. 7:16. in the eastern european country of ukraine, political debate turned into a physical fist fight. tensions ran high during a budget vote in the parliament and while the budget was barely approved, the opposition party rejected it. several lawmakers started to push and shove each other which led to punches being thrown. one politician hit in the face causing a bloody forehead. the opposition was also against a bill that limited public protests. >> wow. >> yeah. 7:17. let's check back with sal.
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you've had your hands full this morning. >> yeah. you know, that fire that we've been covering is becoming a traffic issue, you can clearly see it from highway 101 in redwood city. this thick, black smoke is visible from one near woodside. people on 101 -- in fact, you can pretty much see it from all over the peninsula. you can see it from 280 as well. but i think the traffic will be less affected up on the hill on 280 rather than right there on 101 near woodside. it's pretty close there. you can see the ladders and people being who they are. curiosity seekers are just gonna slow and look up at the sky, maybe a little bit of a dangerous drive on 101 near woodside. not causing a huge traffic jam but it's slowing traffic in the area. all right. let's go and take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza, westbound, the traffic here is backedded you for a 15-minute -- backed up for a 15-minute delay before you make it on the span. the total drive time, 25 minutes. there's the fire. i want to do something here. i want to get rid of this and
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just move the maps over here. on the peninsula, southbound 101 is kind of heavy anyway. i couldn't use 101. i could use 280 as an alternate. i think 280 is the best call here. 7:18. let's go to 280 in san jose. that looks pretty good. good morning, rosemary orozc . good morning, sal. we have a pretty start to the day. we're upon the sunrise. 7:23, the official sunrise. we have moderate air quality. the winds have died down. in most cases a few breezes left in the hills. ridge of high pressure left in place. i'm giving you a snapshot of the satellite because i want to show you this system here. this storm gonna be pushing on this ridge a little bit. it's gonna weaken it and bring us a modest cooldown. it's not going to bring us any rain, unfortunately. for your weekend, we're gonna be dry. today we're mild. warm but not as warm as we have
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been as temperatures trend downward a little bit. some of us may not notice along the coast where we're looking at an afternoon sea breeze, maybe feeling it more than the rest of us inland. but the cooling trend continues with mostly sunny skies for your weekend and the dry weather will continue as well. we look bone-dry through the weekend and several days beyond. 30 degrees right now in santa rosa, san francisco, checking in at 48. one of the warmer spots at this hour. for the afternoon, widespread 60s in the forecast for the second half of the day. topping ut right about 68 degrees early on. by 4:00, temperatures begin to dip a little bit. 67 and then into the evening hours. if you do have evening plans, 58 degrees expected at 7:00. sun sets at about 5:17. 33 in concord. 41 san jose. for the afternoon today, going to shave off a degree or two in some areas. 70er for sonoma, 68 sausalito. san rafael, near a record. the old record at 69. we may actually tie that today.
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upper 60s to near 70 degrees. fairfield into vacaville. inner east bay, 69 for walnut creek. livermore, 70. if you hit that, you will tie an old record. 70 in oakland for the afternoon. 69 san leandro. into the south bay, temperatures ranging in the low 70s. san jose, 72. los gatos, santa cruz, 79 for the afternoon under mostly sunny skies. along the coast from pacifica into half moon bay, upper 60s for you. 68 against san francisco. 70 redwood city. and 72 for palo alto as well as mountain view. we are looking forward to this game on sunday. it looks like mostly cloudy skies in seattle during game time for the 49ers and 40s. it will be cool. it will be cloudy. but there's only about 10% chance for the possibility of a few scattered showers. they will be mainly dry. meanwhile here at home as we talked about a moment ago, we're going to remain dry with only subtle changes in the forecast. notice temperatures drop off a subtle drop from day to day. as we get into monday, perhaps have the day off monday.
7:22 am
upper 60s in the forecast for the afternoon. tuesday, just the same. back to you. >> kind of like groundhog day. >> yes. a new east bay plan to prevent school violence. what a local school district plans to do to prevent deadly school shootlings -- shootings. 20 years ago ago, the northridge earthquake occurred i was there. when it's time to talk business security,
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talk to the leader. tyco integrated security. we'll create a solution customized just for you. and you can manage it all right from the palm of your hand. tyco integrated security. safer. smarter. tyco.
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p:24. here -- 7:24. here are photos very few people have seen of the 1986 explosion of the space shuttle go "challenger." it shows "challenger" climbing in the sky and right after the explosion. a massachusetts man discovered them while cleaning out his grandparents' garage where they
7:25 am
were put in a box and forgotten for 26 years. the grandfather had been a contractor for nasa. so that's how he got the photos. all seven members, crew members of the "challenger" including a teacher died in the explosion. 20 years ago today, the 6.7 magnitude northridge quake hit southern california killing 57 people and causing more than $20 billion damage. those freeway overpasses collapsed during the quake closing sections of four different freeways. i used to live right near the epicenter when that happened. engineers say in the 20 years since the quake, progress has been made to shore up freeways but they say what's called soft story buildings, that's still a problem. those buildings with parking garages underneath them. one that collapsed during the northridge quake killed 16 people. now, mike lived on the third floor of the apartment complex that collapsed. he became a hero.
7:26 am
he pulled five people out of the rubble and saved their lives. in fact, president clinton asked to meet him. >> the president of the united states shakes your hand, looks you in the eye, says america's proud of you and you are a hero. i wasn't ready for that. >> and there's a story book ending to mike's story. one of the people he rescued became his bride, his wife. they have two sons who, by the way, are now teenagers. >> that's a happy ending. 7:26. the san francisco man is planning to leave this morning on a 6,000-mile drive to  brazil. ben says he plans to drive his orange 1955 chevy truck to the world cup en route -- and root for the dutch team. he's a long-time employee for the parks and rec department. he's a dutch national and a huge soccer fan. his supporters collected a lot of soccer cleats which he plans
7:27 am
to donate to people as he travels. the world cup begins on june 12th. governor jerry brun so expected to officially declare california in a drought in 90 minutes but he says that declaration can only go so far. what he says it does not do. this massive fire on the peninsula is a traffic issue. the smoke, clearly visible from highway 101. it's also causing slow traffic on southbound 101. find out why this is also a resource issue for san mateo county firefighters. a minor cooldown is on the way for your bay area weekend. outside our doors this morning, mostly clear and cold. i will have a look at your current conditions and the afternoon highs -- coming up. [uncle]this is hopscotch,okay?
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uncle go one,two,one,two,one two,one. [niece]okay! [uncle]okay? [niece]one,two three,four,five,six,seven,eight! [uncle laughing] okay,we go the other way,okay? [niece]one,two,three,four,five, six,seven! [uncle laughs]there's ten spaces,you want to try again? [uncle]yeah?
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good morning. we continue to follow breaking news in redwood city. firefighters are battling a big fire at a machine shop. sal says it is impacting freeway traffic nearby. janine de la vega was the first reporter on the scene. she just got an update from fire officials and we'll have a live report in minutes. welcome to "mornings on 2." it's 7:30. i'm tori campbell. >> i'm dave clark. let's talk weather and traffic. steve is off today. rosemary, i just ducked outside. it's cold.
7:31 am
you didn't tell me it was cold, or did you? >> it's a cold one out there. [laughter] >> good morning to you. yes, indeed, even below freezing. take a look, santa rosa 30 degrees. this is an improvement. santa rosa slipped to 28 earlier this morning. 33 in napa. upper 30s in livermore. around the bay, it's a chilly one but not as bad. 49 in hayward. 38 at the oakland airport. mid-40s in downtown oakland at this hour. so the ridge of high pressure still in place for the weekend but it is going to be breaking down just a bit. we have this system here that's not going to bring us any rain. but it will bring us a minor cooldown for today and then into the weekend. it's going to continue. today it's gonna be very, very subtle. may not really notice. as we get into the afternoon, we're looking at nice weather for the second half of the day, even near record warmth. widespread 60s in the forecast for oakland this afternoon. mid- to upper 60s by 1:00 and staying put for the second half of the day. sun will set at about 5:17.
7:32 am
let's see if we can check in on one more. san jose, 41 right now. for the afternoon, low 70s in the forecast for you. upper 60s by about lunchtime. 68 at 1:00. as we side into the evening hours, if you are gonna be out and about with mostly cloudy skies we'll be cooling off once again. afternoon highs for today. 69 in hayward. 69 in concord. 70 in napa. 72 in santa rosa. coming up i will show you which areas may break a record and i will have your weekend numbers as well. good morning, sal. >> good morning to you. traffic is going to be affected on the peninsula. not only by a fire but also by other issues. southbound 101 in san mateo. we had an earlier crash. it's out of the lanes. but the traffic from the airport all the way down to 92 is slow and then when you drive past that woodside road, a fire, it's actually not onwood side road but near -- woodside road but near redwood city. you could see smoke from the area. it could slow you down. i want to show you the san
7:33 am
mateo bridge traffic, not all that bad getting over there. when you get over to 101, you will see some slow traffic. we had an earlier stall on the bay bridge. didn't last for long. but some of the slow traffic is there at the toll plaza. about a 20-minute delay and sluggish on the bridge in san francisco. 7:32. back to the desk. >> thank you, sal. we want to update our breaking news from the peninsula. right now, crews are battling a huge fire at a machine shop in redwood city. ktvu's janine de la vega was the first reporter on the scene just about an hour ago and she joins us now with this live update where, janine -- is it still at six alarms? >> reporter: it is six alarms. this fire has been burning for an hour -- an hour and a half. it grew to six alarms. it's not under control. there's a lot of white and gray smoke. you can really smell it. it's very thick out here. we're at the corner of bay and douglas streets. they are telling people to avoid this area. now, what's on fire, we understand is some sort of
7:34 am
commercial business, a warehouse, we see on the side of it, it says growingle -- grogel. we don't know what's burning inside. there sea lot of heavy -- there's a lot of heavy, thick black smoke burning. we learned residents self- evacuated. we talked to a gentleman that ended up banging on their windows because he spotted smoke in the distance when this first broke out. to get more information we're joined by the fire marshal from redwood city. where are you at as far as attacking this fire? are they making progress. >> theirthey are their making -- they are making very good
7:35 am
progress. they are in defensive operation. >> reporter: as far as -- do we know why this grew so quickly? you know, we saw this thick, black smoke, it grew so quick. >> well, the investigation has not even begun. we'll know more about that as we start our investigation. but usually manufacturing operations, you will look at the equipment inside, the materials that they have. it's gonna burn. it's gonna burn rapidly. >> reporter: thank you, from redwood city fire. they will be on scene for quite a while. it's not uncoeld at this moment. there are at low of people standing around who are trying to get into work. i want you to take a look over here. a lot of curious people.
7:36 am
people who have been spotting the fire and 101 stopped by here to take a look at this. again, they want people a avoid this area near bay and douglas. police and sheriff's deputies are here and they've blocked off the road in a three-block area from all of the distances. reporting live from redwood city, janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. >> all right, janine. three people were hurt in san francisco's bayview district in a house fire. they were injured trying to escape the fire which started about 3:00 this morning on apollo street. four people jumped out of windows to get away from the flames. the cause of the fire is under investigation. 7:36. happening today -- in fact, in 90 minutes, governor jerry brown is expected to declare a drought emergency for california and ewill make that announcement in san francisco. ktvu's tara moriarty join us live from the city with a new 90-day weather forecast for california from the national weather service and i'm betting
7:37 am
it doesn't look good. >> reporter: no, it doesn't. they are expecting the dry spell to pretty much linger for another three months. that's based on information from computer models as well as buoys out in the pacific ocean. these long-term forecasts are not as accurate as short-term ones. they tend to stick 60% of the time. the picture is looking bleak. governor brown is expected to declare a drought emergency here at 9:00 this morning in san francisco at the state building. the official drought is important, to increase awareness among residents and perhaps federal officials who could accelerate the relief efforts. the governor has shied away from the decklationration in weeks -- declaration in weeks. >> at the end of the day, if it doesn't rain, california is in for real trouble.
7:38 am
the governor's declaration can't make it rain. we all know that. >> reporter: brown managed drought in the late '70s when he was governor before. at that time, i called for and lobbied washington for federal aid. some have been pushing for a water bond. we'll cover this press conference with the governor. we'll bring you more information throughout the morning and then on our news at noon. live in san francisco, i'm tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. farmers and farm workers rallied at the state capitol calling on the governor to make the drought declaration. they say the drought declaration would allow the governor to direct more water their way. >> we build more dams and increase the water storage and get these clowns out of office.
7:39 am
as california deals with the very dry weather, the uc system announced its plan to save water. university president, janet napolitano, says the university will reduce water use 20% by the year 2020. the campaign will be discussed next week at the uc board of regents meeting in san francisco next week. firefighters around the bay area are on heightened alert because of our dry weather. the san mateo county office of emergency services issued an extreme fire weather warning. anyone working outdoors advised to be cautious. people living in hilly areas should clear away dead or dry brush near their homes to reduce the fire risk. a large fire burning in los angeles county has destroyed 20 plgs gud a guesthouse built on
7:40 am
the estate of the heirs of singer sewing machine. the fire is only 30% contained. it forced the evacuation of 3700 people. only about half were allowed to return last night. many homeowners did not want to leave. >> it's materialistic. it's not anything except a structure. i'm insured. everybody can be rebuilt. at this moment, i don't feel like going. >> santa ana winds were fanning the flames but they have quieted down this morning. schools are closed in the area due to a smoke advisory. three men have been arrested on charges of recklessly starting the fire. they claim they were sitting around a camp fire when a breeze kicked up, sparking the fire. the golden state is typically not this golden dry this time of year. the lack of moisture has tried out brush that should be glean, causing increased concerns about a wildfire outbreak anywhere. firefighters have beefed up crews and are on high alert.
7:41 am
calfire has added 125 seasonal firefighters. and they are now preparing for a long and busy fire season. >> further into the actual summer months, things are only gonna get drier. the humidity is only gonna get lower. >> in the past two weeks, calfire has responded to more than 150 wildfires that have charred over 600 acres. 7:40. police in danville, searching for the thieves who broke into a school and stole ipads. 32 ipads were stolen tuesday night from john baldwin elementary on brookside drive. they were sitting on a cart in a fifth grade classroom. each tablet sells for $500. the investigation continues. the berkeley school district will spend almost $2 million on efforts to prevent shootings on school campuses. the money is expected to go towarded armed intruder training. school board members approve lance to add locks to classroom doors, buy public address
7:42 am
systems and install live video cameras. consultants also recommends adding a police officer at every school. 7:41. privacy verses security. the president is about to announce some much anticipated changes to the nsa. we'll carry his speech live at the top of the hour. forget about goobl the glasses. google the is working on smart contact lenses that could be a huge help to diabetics.
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7:44 am
more weak earnings results from u.s. companies keeping
7:45 am
stocks in check. united parcel service slumped 3% after warning investors of lower fourth quarter income. had to hire more temporariry workers than planned. the dow is up, 35. the nasdaq being dragged down by a weak report from intel, down 10. the s&p down 2. we want to have another check of our breaking news in redwood city. you are looking live at a machine shop at douglas avenue and bay road. there's a fire there. it's gone to six alarms now. so a huge fire response. there were heavy flames earlier just a lot of smoke right now. no injuries have been reported. we have two crews covering the story and sal is keying an eye on traffic. its not far from -- it's not far from 101. we'll continue it bring you live coverage throughout the "mornings on 2" news. google is working on smart
7:46 am
contact lenses. the prototype appears to be like any other contact lens until you look closely. there are two twinkling glitter specks and has a tiny antenna. they work together to monitor glucose levels in the tears of the diabetics. if the lens make it to the market, it could mean that diabetes no longer have to draw blood every day to check their levels. an important trip to china. today marks a big day for the bay area's apple. pam cook is in the newsroom with the actions it's taking today. >> starting today, the iphone will be available through china mobile which means more than 3,000 new outlets and millions of happy apple fans in china. china mobile is the country's biggest wireless carrier. today's launch is expected to get a much-needed boost in china's market. the deal will increase apple's customer base there by 700
7:47 am
million. now, write now apple has only about 6% of china's smartphone market in part because competitors are offering cheaper options there. now, tim cook was out there handing out autographed iphones in beijing with china mobile's chairman. the two companies say they've received more than 1 million preorders for the iphone there. until now, apple has only been able to offer the iphone through china's smaller competitors. china mobile is state owned. in our next hour of "mornings on 2," there's still roadblocks that apple faces to get customers to switch to the iphone. pam cook, ktvu channel 2 news. 7:47. in just a couple of hours from now, san francisco mayor ed lee will deliver his state of the city address with a focus on housing. he's expected to say the best way to keep families from being spliced out of housing in the
7:48 am
city is to build new housing. mayor lee will also call for building or rehabbing 15,000 affordable homes over the next six years. and he's expected to announce plans for revitalizing muni and helping the homeless. 7:47. "american idol" season 13 has rolled through the bay area. ♪ >> last night, the san francisco auditions aired on the show. rachel there of danville was up there and got the coveted gold ticket to hollywood. >> it's nice to hear feedback from three professionals who have been in the business for a while. >> there's a lot that i have to do. that weekend before is really daunting. i'm excited to get going. >> we will be keeping track of rachel and remy as they try to become the next "american
7:49 am
idol." and you can catch "american idol" right here on wednesday and thursday nights at 8:00. >> the ladies are off and run. >> yes. doing well. sal, our commute is off and running. you are watching the macarthur maze. >> yes, it's a little bit busier than i would like to see it on friday. westbound 80 a little bit of slow traffic here. it's improved a little bit even since the last name -- when i lined up my cameras it was even worse. it's improving quickly. let's take a look at the bay bridge. it's backed up for about a 15- minute delay. so we've seen some improvement. there was a stall on the bridge for not that long. that's been gone for a little bit. traffic on the upper deck is moderate and the whole drive time is taking about 25 minutes. i want to mention that 580 westbound has not really recovered. we had an earlier gravel spill on 580 coming out of livermore to dublin. that's been gone for a while. 580 is slow getting a lot of use. the altamont pass not that bad.
7:50 am
880 southbound as you drive to 238 all the way down to fremont. it's not doing well on 880. here's someone who is doing well. it's rosemary. >> good morning to you. isn't that a beautiful shot. the sunrise coming up over the east bay hills. now that the sun is up, our temperatures will begin to turn around. it is a chilly start as cold as yesterday morning. we'll have the numbers coming up in the next forecast. let's talk about the ridge of high pressure still in control of our weather pattern. subtle changes coming in time for the weekend. the system out in the pacific, it looks like it could possibly bring us some rain. no, it's not. it's going to move up and over this ridge of high pressure that's going to remain in control and it is only gonna bring us a cooldown. the cooling trend into your weekend, a subtle cooldown. this is going to be something that happens with each passing
7:51 am
day. so eventually, it will feel cooler and we're dry. bone-dry through the weekend and beyond. with that, the national weather service has actually moved the bay area into the extreme drought condition. this happened in the last week or so. and again, i don't see any rain in sight, unfortunately. let's take a look at who may actually tie or break a record for today. san rafael, you will get close. oakland, perhaps not a few degrees from you. it looks like -- or for you. 73 degrees in livermore. mountain view, 72. gilroy, going to get awfully close. if you hit 74, you could tie a record set back in 2009. upper 60s, low 70s in the forecast. 70 in napa. 70 for sonoma. low 70s st. helena. kentfield, 69. 67 degrees for stinson beach. 68 in sausalito. a beautiful day by the water. 69 for danville. low 70s castro valley. upper 60s for san leandro, alameda, 70 degrees for oakland. as we get into the south bay,
7:52 am
low 70s expected for san jose, santa clara, 73 morgan hill. 79 santa cruz. one of the warmest places on this map. 71 for woodside. 69 for san mateo. 68 for san francisco. mid- to upper 60s for the coast. 67 in half moon bay. a beautiful day there for the afternoon. the extended forecast here with your bay area weekend always in view, showing you again with each passing day, we're going to shave a few degrees and eventually you may notice as we get into sunday and monday, temperatures don't budge a whole lot. mostly clear and dry as we get into your mlk holiday as well as tuesday. if you are stepping out earlier this morning, i will have a look at your current temperatures coming up. eight minutes before 8:00. it's a jailhouse interview 15 years ago with the man who is now suspected of serial arson. hear how he described himself and his behavior after he had already been convicted of setting fires at the grand
7:53 am
canyon. happy with family and now he's in the hospital. >> family members of an 82-year- old oakland man still want answers in the mysterious holiday tragedy.
7:54 am
7:55 am
welcome back. a six-alarm fire at a machine shop. now, this is what's happening right now and now newschopper2 is flying over -- you get a better look briefly from that view. ktvu's janine de la vega is there. she's been bringing you live reports from -- since 6:30. she'll be coming back shortly with another live update coming at 8:00. wanted to take you there for a moment. family members in oakland still looking for answers in a mysterious holiday tragedy.
7:56 am
the family of pham phuc. they say he went out alone for an evening stroll on christmas eve near 9th avenue and east 28th street. family members say they don't know why he left or where he was going but he was brutally beaten up minutes after he left his home. people try to rob him and didn't get anything because he don't have money. >> this is a very serious assault. he has facial frablg churs, broke -- fractures, broken ribs. >> he remains in critical condition in the icu at highlands hospital. police are offering a $5,000 real ward for information leading to an -- reward for information leading on an -- leading to an arrest. an incident was a bloody assault on a patron, the other
7:57 am
involved a man who ure nateed on -- urinated on several books and shelves at the library. senator dianne feinstein met with ed lee over the holidays. >> she reminded that we as a whole city including many mayors since her time invested in our main ply brairies -- libraries. >> after the meeting, mayor lee sent a letter to the library commission asking for new penalties to prevent unacceptable behaviors. patrols have been increased. there's a sergeant stationed at the library. 7:57. the ride sharing company uber is offering free rides in the east bay starting at noontime today through late monday night. now, uber says passengers can get two trips that would normally cost up to $30 each for free. they are hoping this will get more people to try uber. they are teaming up with the
7:58 am
warriors and the alameda food bank. anyone who uses uber on monday and donates five cans of food to the food pantry, will be able to be entered to win tickets to an upcoming warriors game. new information on the target security breach. the new clues about who may be behind the attack. >> we're live in redwood city at the scene of a six-alarm fire at a business. we will tell you about how much progress firefighters are making. good morning. westbound 24, looking pretty good so far on the way to the tunnel. but there's still some slow traffic in contra costa county. we'll run that down for you. sunny and mild for your afternoon. but this morning, we're greeted by a winter chill. i will have a look at your current temperatures and what you can expect for the afternoon and your weekend coming up.
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning. it's 8:00. welcome back to "mornings on 2." breaking news in redwood city we've been following all morning. a six-alarm fire at a machine shop in redwood city. firefighters have their hands full trying to take care of this. traffic in the area is affected. we'll have a live report from janine de la vega in a couple of minutes.
8:01 am
stay tuned for that. friday morning, january 17th. i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori campbell. quick look at weather and traffic. rosemary, more warm weather expected later today. >> yes. another round of near record temperatures expected for the afternoon. but getting outside this morning, you will need the winter coat in some areas. it's freezing in fairfield. around the bay, not too bad. widespread 40s. 489 san francisco, 40 at the oakland airport. 43 in hayward. if we get into the north bay, santa rosa, 29 degrees. actually slipping a degree because earlier the airport was sporting 30 degrees. 35 in hillsburg. 41 petaluma. 48 in calistoga. this observation, this reporting station actually in the hills of calistoga. in the hills we've been talking about fire danger. we've been talking about how the hills can't recover in the overnight hours. that's because our hills are in the 50s in some cases. 34 in walnut creek.
8:02 am
37 in san ramon. by lunchtime we're fooling good. in the afternoon, we'll be just as warm as yesterday. we'll shave off a few degrees along the coastline and perhaps a tad cooler but all in all, well above the seasonal average. the cooling trend will continue into the weekend. i will have a look at those numbers coming up good morning sal. good morning to you, rosemary. we're looking at a commute that's not all that bad especially when you compare it to what it was an hour ago. things are beginning to improve. if you look at the road sensors, highway 4, it's only slow coming up over to concord. not all that bad. in fact, the area has cleared out in concord and antioch where you usually see a lot of slow traffic at highway 24. a little bit slow in la fayette. doing re well in contra costa county. 80 westbound, still slows in the san pablo westbound area when you get to the toll plaza there is aing backup. it's improving. it's about a 10-minute delay before you make it on the bridge. in the south bay, northbound
8:03 am
280 and 101 are lighter than usual. let's go back to the desk. >> thank you, sal. we're following breaking news from the peninsula. right now crews are battling a huge fire at a machine shop in redwood city. burning out of control at bay rowd and douglas avenue. the -- bay road and douglas avenue. the flames can be seen for miles. janine de la vega was the first reporter on the scene 90 minutes ago and joins us live. are the flames out but still some smoke? >> reporter: i don't see any flames from where i'm standing. it could definitely still be burning inside. it's not still under control. you just see a lot of smoke. but firefighters are making good progress. can you see? a lot of white and gray smoke. that means it's running out of fuel. they've been attacking this from the outside using their aerial ladders. this just grew so quickly. this fire broke out at 6:00 a.m. here at a commercial business
8:04 am
warehouse. it appears to have affected two businesses that may do manufacturing. the fire quickly grew to six ales larms. we're told that -- alarms. we're told that 100 firefighters were on scene to battle this. it's unknown what sort of manufacturing equipment was inside the building but the flames were very intense and the firefighters have been dumping water from the ground and again using their aerial ladders. we're told by security guards that several residential apartments, he thought they were on top but we haven't been able to confirm that with the fire marshal. there are apartments next door where residents escaped with the help of people passing by who spotted the fire. >> immediately turned around and started pounding on doors to get residents out of there. >> reporter: there is a family here who i spoke to off camera. they say they own one of these
8:05 am
businesses they say it's a machine shop. it's been in the family for 30, 40 years. they were very emotional. they did not know how the fire started. firefighters have not begun to look into that because they haven't been able to enter the building. it's been too dangerous. at this point, there's no cause of what started the fire. but we asked the fire marshal if this seems to be suspicious. he had no idea but the reason we asked this, this is the fourth large fire in eight months in redwood city that's taken place and is affected either a commercial warehouse or an apartment complex. so a lot of the residents who have been standing around here have been wondering about that. but again, there's just no way to know at this point because everything is so preliminary. we'll continue to stay here on the scene and have an update for you on "mornings on 2." janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. >> 8:05. in three hours from now, the arson suspect accused of
8:06 am
terrorizing a san jose neighborhood is due in court. that's according to santa clara county officials. they say 48-year-old patrick william brennan has a long history of starting fires. 15 years ago, ktvu news interviewed brennan after he was arrested and accused of starting several fires on public trails in the south bay. investigators say brennan is linked to 12 recent fires including last thursday's big fire that destroyed a warehouse. right now, brennan is charged with starting two fires but that number may go up. police say he was identified through surveillance videos that show a man setting the fires and also through the very hard work of an overnight duty sergeant who searched through a database on arsonists. >> detectives do this kind of work day in and day out. they are very good at what they do in terms of investigating not so much arsons but just criminal activity and serial- type crime. >> they say william parker brennan is also a registered
8:07 am
sex and arson offender. he was wested in 2001 for sexual battery on a relative. 8:06. if brennan is convicted of starting the new fires, he could be sentenced to life in prison under california's three strikes law. in the archives, we found robert handa's interview with brennan in 1999 at the santa clara county jail. brennan eventually pleaded guilty to several arsons in the santa clara county foothills. >> i'm not some crazed maniac trying to destroy property or lives. >> what are you or who are you? >> i'm a fairly nice person. i -- i guess i'm somebody with problems that need help. -- that needs help. >> present nan was convicted of a misdemeanor when working at the grand canyon for setting small fires at the national park. he's in jail on $1 million bail. 8:07.
8:08 am
well, the 49ers will have one final practice in santa clara today before heading to seattle. allie rasmus is in san francisco. she's talking to people about the anticipation building up for sunday's big game. we'll get allie rasmus in a couple of minutes. stay tuned for that. now, julie haener, mark ibanez and joe fonzi are in seat. they will be hosting a half- hour special "road trip to a chip." that's tonight and then stay tuned for a brand-new show at 9:00 for one hour. sunday, kickoff 3:30. after the game stay tuned for our "point after" live from seattle. president obama announcing changes to the national security agency's controversial surveillance programs. the president is set to make the announcement from the justice department in
8:09 am
washington, d.c. he appears not to be up at the podium just yet. but the president has been under pressure to respond to revelations from former nsa contractor edward snowden of the contract's widespread data collection. now, current and former officials familiar with the president's plans say he will authorize some new privacy protections for foreigners whose data is collected by the nsa and will propose the establishment of a public advocate to represent privacy interests for the foreign intelligence surveillance court. we'll continue monitoring this and as soon as the president comes out, we'll bring that to you live. a drug task force in contra costa county has announced one of the biggest drug busts in county history. officers say "operation crystal lens" resulted in the seizure of more than $18 million in narcotics. 17 members of one gang were also arrested. officers say they confiscated
8:10 am
$950,000 in cash, a number of it high-capacity guns and several peeks allegedly used for -- vehicles allegedly used for drug activity. an oakland mother of a young man tragically shot and killed to get his backpack is demanding justice. 24-year-old brandon clemons was shot and killed in east oakland wednesday night as he walked home with a friend. that friend says two men came from a nearby porch to rob them and then shot clemons when he refused to hand over his bap. the family says the police have made little effort to catch those suspects. >> they told me there's nothing they can do. that's not right. that's not fair. my son needs justice only because he fought back. >> clemons was the oldest three sons. his mother said there were only textbooks in his backpack. the friend he was with at the time of the shooting thinks the police should investigate further, go to the residents where the suspects were hanging
8:11 am
out. 8:10. a new police chief in kabul, afghanistan is now a new target for the taliban. the surprising way she's responding to constant threats from the terrorist group. plus, look at this. if you think the arguments and the fighting in congress are bad, look at this bitter debate overseas. the political battle, this led to bloodshed. >> we're still looking at traffic around the east bay that's busy. we've had some pretty good improvement here. we'll tell you more about the morning commute and some of the trouble spots. the sun is shining and we're slowly climbing out of the cold. how high i expect we'll go for today and into your weekend -- coming up. [son] she has no idea. [man] no one told her,right? [son]hi! [mom screams]
8:12 am
8:13 am
8:14 am
it's okay if we talk about football, isn't it? let's go back to our coverage of the 49ers and their quest for six. allie rasmus is live in san francisco talking to people getting caught up on everything. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we're here on the plaurk. you can see signs that the city and the fans were across the bay area really are getting ready for this sunday's game. there are 49ers' flags waving above some of the downtown buildings here in san francisco. earlier this morning when we saw some of the crowds coming out of the ferry building, we could see several of them wearing their gear. we asked fans what they thought was behind the hype leading up to sunday's game. >> rivalry and one step away from super bowl, quest for six. getting really excited and pumped up. i think it will be awesome no
8:15 am
matter where you go and watch it. >> it's the fact that we're gone win. that's the most exciting thing. >> reporter: now, early this morning we stopped by the knbr sports studios. they say this game is gonnaing challenging for the 9ers -- gonna be challenging for the 9ers but they think our prospects for a win are good. >> i don't think the 49ers are intimidated, i think the 9er offense is really starting to roll the way we hoped it would. and the 9er defense is as good as any. i like the 9ers. i think this is their time. >> the 9ers have one more practice before they head to seattle. this is the 9ers' 15th nfc championship game. we checked the records and out of the other games going back to 1970. >> the 9ers won six of them. fans are hoping that the team will buck the trend historically and come out victorious sunday and head onto the super bowl.
8:16 am
live in san francisco, allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. 8:15. meantime, the first female police chief in kabul, afghanistan is now a target of the taliban. colonel says she's not scared. the 50-year-old mother of five is ready to face the challenges of her new job despite constant threats from militants. she joined the force more than 30 years ago. she was appointed the police chief two days ago. she's now encouraging other women to apply for jobs on the police force. in the eastern european country of ukraine, political debate turned into a fist fight. i told you. tensions ran high during this budget vote in the parliament. now, while the budget was barely approved, the opposition party rejected it. several lawmakers started pushing and shoving and punching. and you can see some bloody foreheads there. one politician was hit in the
8:17 am
face. the opposition was against a bill that limited public protests. >> a bill to fund the government through september is on president obama's desk. the president approved the $1 trillion spending bill yesterday. it already passed the house. the white house says president obama will sign the measure before the current stop-gap funding expires tomorrow at midnight. le:16. new -- 8:16. new information about the target data breach. researchers say the malware that stole personal information from more than 100 million target customers was partially written in russian. that malware is based on another program developed by a russian cybercrime master but investigators say that doesn't necessarily mean the attacks came from russia. they add the base for malware has been online for $1,000. a new report about the dangers of smoking has come out. according to the surgeon
8:18 am
general, smoking prevalence among u.s. adults is on the decline. it's been reduced by half since 1964. however, despite the drop in the usage, tobacco is still the leading preventable cause of disease, disability and death in the u.s. this new report also says that due to the changes and the design and composition of cigarettes, smokers today have a much greater risk of developing lung cancer than smokers back in the 1960s. happening right now, president obama is announcing some much-anticipated changes to the national security agency. live pictures from the justice department in d.c. let's listen in. >> emerging threats from terrorist groups and the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction place new and in some ways more complicated demands on our intelligence agencies. globalization and the internet made the threats more acute as technology erased borders and empowered individuals to project great violence as well
8:19 am
as great good. moreover, these new threats raised new legal and new policy questions. while few value the legitimacy of spying on hostile states, our frame of laws was not fully adapted to prevent individual terrorists acting on their own or acting in small ideologically-driven groups on behalf of a foreign power. the horror the september 11th brought of all these issues to the front. across the spectrum, americans recognized that we had to adapt to a world in which a bomb could be built in the basement and our electric grid could be shut down by operators an ocean away. we were shake be by the signs we had missed beading -- shaken bin the signs we had missed leading up to the miss.
8:20 am
so we demanded that our intelligence committee improve capabilities and that law enforcement change practices to focus more on preventing attacks before they happen and prosecuting terrorists after an attack. >> you've been listening live to president obama talking about some changes to the national security agency talking about the new threats, particularly after 9/11 required a new focus on security under a plan that's expected to be outlined today by the president. the government will no longer be in control of the phone records of hundreds of millions of americans. an official says the president wants to require intelligence agencies instead to get per mission of a court in order to access the records but congressional officials say the changes would have to be approved by lawmakers and that raises questions about how quickly the proposals will be adopted. >> right. >> we're continuing to follow this. we'll monitor the president's speech. we're expecting some pretty big announcements on changes, this
8:21 am
is in reaction to the revelations of contractor edward snowden that's certainly got a lot of attention here in the country and throughout the world. 8:20. let's check in with sal. your commute. you are watching the south bay. >> we are watching the south bay. right now we have a look at the south bay commute and the traffic is looking good. i want to advise you if you can to stay away from the corner of bascom and fruitvale. there's some sort of an issue at that location. it could be affecting street val traffic as rel -- affecting street traffic as well. the fire in redwood city that we have, in the clearing stages, cleanup stage, it will be there for a while. it's no longer affecting the freeway traffic. but it will be there for a bit. this is a look at interstate 880 northbound and southbound, the traffic is moving well in both directions although it's heavier on the northbound side
8:22 am
which is on the right. at the bay bridge toll plaza, we've had a lot of improvement. that's about a five-minute wait before you make it on the span. let's go to rosemary. good morning. mostly clear skies, a live look here at a very light northeasterly preez. the winds have died down in the hills. that's great news. we do have changes in store. a very gradual cooldown coming our way. it's going to be so slow, though, may sake several days before you -- take several days before you notice. the ridge of high pressure still in control of our weather pattern. take a look at our system. this looks like it's enough to bring us rain. it won't. it will move up and over us as this ridge of high pressure continues to be in control of our weather pattern. i'm gonna show you into the next days. there's that line of rain. it gets a little bit closer and there it goes. up and over the ridge of high pressure. we remain dry. it's going to break down the ridge just a little bit. that will lead to the cooling trend. for today, maybe along the coastline with a little bit of
8:23 am
a localized sea breeze and then as we get into saturday and sunday additional cooling expected. right now, 29 degrees in santa rosa. sure is cold out there, 50 degrees in san francisco. 33 in concord. most of our inland areas holding in the 30s. the sun has been up for an hour right now -- for the last hour. been an hour. 38 degrees in san ramon. 39 in walnut creek. our temperatures haven't budged a whole lot. we'll continue to see a bigger jump in temperatures by about 10:00. i think it will be pretty comfortable out there. 42 san jose. as we get into the afternoon today, upper 60s, low 70s in the forecast. today we could actually tie a few records once again. livermore, 70 degrees expected for you today. if you do warm to 70 degrees. tying an old record there. 70 degrees for oakland. 69 in hayward. into the santa clara valley. got 72 for san jose. 72 los gatos. santa cruz, 79 if you are sneaking away to santa cruz this afternoon and through the weekend, it will be nice and sunny there. 70 degrees for redwood city.
8:24 am
67 san bruno. upper 60s san francisco. mid- to upper 60s pacifica, half moon bay, a great day to headache out by the water. the extended forecast here with your bay area weekend always in view. so there is the cooling trend with, with each -- with each passing day, temperatures cool a few degrees. so it takes us sunday into monday before we begin to fill it. we'll lee main above average with -- remain above average through at least tuesday. never-before-seen photos from nasa. they show the final moments of the space shuttle "challenger." where they've been hidden all of these years?
8:25 am
8:26 am
8:27 am
8:26. newly discovered foe tote of the last moments of the space shuttle "challenger." a man in massachusetts was cleaning out his grandparents' garage and found a box with 26 photos taken in the minutes before, during and after the launch, january 28th, 1986. the seven "challenger" crew members died in this explosion. it happened 73 seconds after that space shuttle launch. a nasa employee took those photos. russian president vladimir putin is extending an olive branch to the gay community, sort of. putin says gays should feel welcome at the upcoming winter olympic games in sochi and he vowed there would be no discrimination at the games. however, when it comes to
8:28 am
beliefs, putin says gays must stay away from children. according to a russian law that bans hope mow sexual propaganda among minors, gays cannot express their views on gay rights issues to anyone under age. 8:27. 20 years ago today, the 6.7 magnitude northridge earthquake struck southern california killing 57 people and causing more than $20 billion in damage. overpasses collapsed during the earthquake closing sections of fourth different freeways. engineers say in the 20 years since the quake, progress has been made to shore up freeways. but they say what's called soft story buildings remain a significant problem. those are buildings with parking garages underneath. one that collapsed during the northridge quake killed 16 people. 8:28. breaking news. we've been following this for you for the past three hours,
8:29 am
more on that huge machine shop fire in redwood city. ktvu's lz alex savidge is there now and will bling us a live update. >> reporter: we're live in san francisco where the state is in a drought and now the governor is expected to make it official. we'll tell you why the announcement is so critical.
8:30 am
8:31 am
welcome back. good morning. we're still on "mornings on 2", live now, our pictures at that big fire at a redwood city machine shop started at about 6:00 this morning. those firefighters are busy hitting this from all sides. newschopper2 is flying around
8:32 am
over it as well. ktvu's alex savidge is there now. he's talking to people who live nearby. they've been facted by this. alex will have a live report coming up. friday morning, january 17th. i'm dave clark. welcome back. let's check weather an traffic. steve is off today. there's rosemary. >> good morning to you. another warm day in store, but this morning, the big headline, how cold it is in some areas. giving you a look here, 29 degrees in santa rosa. we've got 31 in napa. for the afternoon, temperatures will rebound back in the upper 60s by 2:00 in the afternoon. most of us topping out in the upper 60s to low 70s. low 60s excepted for you at sunset and getting into the evening hours, you will be in the mid-40s by 8:00. 45 degrees right now in oakland. 48 for san francisco. san francisco also going to see another beautiful day. upper 60s in the forecast for your afternoon sliding into the mid-50s by the evening hours.
8:33 am
let's check one more. as we get into redwood city, 45 degrees right now. it will become more comfortable as we get into 10:00 or so. by 11:00 upper 50s in the forecast. we're settling back in the 60s's we get into sunset. i will have a look at what you can expect for your weekend and a look at the forecast where a cooldown is in store. good morning, sal. good morning. we're seeing -- you can see 880 westbound, westbound 80 is ale lit crowded as you come through the berkeley area. not all that bad when you get to the macarthur maze and to the bay bridge toll plaza. that delay is about five minutes. total time is running about 20 minutes. that's not bad at all, peerbl for this time of the morning. if you are driving on the peninsula, the area of -- the
8:34 am
six-alarm fire is no longer an issue for 101 traffic. it's a little bit slow on 101 and el camino real. but that's about it. back to the desk. the breaking news in redwood city we just told you about, that six alarm fire at a redwood city machine shop. our team coverage continues now. we have ktvu's alex savidge who is there at the scene and the firefighters are trying to get this under control, alex. >> reporter: yeah, well, good morning. this massive fire still burning out of control in redwood city. quite a few crews on scene. obviously a lot of streets blocked off in the area as well in all directions right now. not a good place to be if you are driving. you can see they are up on the ladder trucks right now. crews from all over this area dumping water on this fire, trying to make sure it stays contained to the original business that broke out. it's a warehouse that's burning. it caught fire early this morning just before 6:00. it's on douglas avenue right near bay road. we're told it's a family-owned
8:35 am
woodworking business. crews from all over the area have come in here. at this point, they've had to fight this fire defensively and make sure it doesn't spread. some people nearby have been evacuated and we also a short time ago talked to people who own neighboring businesses. they are grateful that this fire is spreading -- is not spreading to their businesses. >> flames were higher than the telephone pole there. it's just nice that that building didn't catch fire because if it did, then it would just hop over here. our building would have been on fire for sure. >> reporter: firefighters also tell us there were some people inside that business when this fire first broke out. but everyone managed to make it out safely. there have been no injuries reported thus far. firefighters say it does not appear this warehouse, the business that caught fire this morning has a sprinkler system, working sprinkler system. that would have done quite a bit of good once the fire broke
8:36 am
out to try to contain things. no sprinklers we understand inside this fire. the cause remains unclear. that's because this fire is so large that firefighters can't get anywhere near the building to try to figure out exactly how it started. they will be out here, as you can imagine, for quite sometime trying to fully contain this fire in redwood city. live in redwood city, alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. 8:35. in just about a half-hour from right now, in san francisco, we're expecting to hear governor jerry brown officially declare california is in a drought. tara moriarty is live in san francisco with what the latest long-term weather forecast says about when we might see rain again. >> reporter: we're here at the state building where we think that the governor should be arriving soon if everything is running on time. we believe that he's going to make this announcement regarding the drought situation. we do know we are expecting very dry weather for the next three months. that's according to a federal
8:37 am
scientist who -- to federal scientists. their long-range forecast, not as accurate as short-term wuns but 60% -- ones but 60% right. the governor has shied away from this declaration for weeks saying recently that making it official still wouldn't allow him to produce rain. >> we've been through a drought before. we don't know how long this drought will be. it has been called a megadrought going on for many years. nobody should discount the seriousness with -- of what we're fixing. >> reporter: brown managed a drought in the late 1970s when he was governor before. at that time, he called for a 25% reduction on personal water use statewide and lobbied
8:38 am
washington for federal aid. now, right now, we have a crew inside. they are setting up and we'll be live streaming this event. david stevenson will have much more coming up on 0 our noon news. live from san francisco, tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. yesterday, hundreds of farmers and farm workers rallied at the state capitol in sacramento calling on the from to make that drought declaration. they say the declaration would allow the governor to send more water their way. 8:38. a huge wildfire continues to burn this morning near los angeles. at this hour, an evacuation order remains in effect for a couple thousand people. our reporter is live in azusa in los angeles county, where firefighters may have made some progress. good morning, william. >> reporter: indeed. officially the fire is still 30% contained. but overnight, informs made serious progress with bulldozers and hand crews at no
8:39 am
time did the fire breach the containment lines. now, where we are right now, we're gonna shoot up to the helicopter. we're in the western, the leading edge of where this fire is so you've got some water dropping helicopters continuing to come in this morning dropping on the western edge of this fire. what they will attempting -- they are attempting to do, you will see hot spots flaring up, they are trying to protect the community. this is evacuated. they are using the san gabriel river below us, trying to save the homes and homes on the other edge of this ridge as well. yesterday, this fire exploded from zero to 125 acres in less than han hour driven by 40-mile- an-hour winds. very dry conditions here. brush hadn't burned here for 45 years. it destroyed five homes and 17 structures. earlier today we had an interview with l.a. county fire. >> the crews work to reinforcement those lines -- reinforce the lines around the
8:40 am
vulnerable areas. they worked very hard. i believe we'll be able to get the ground running today. as you can see, all of the rigs are starting to roll in for the day crew. >> reporter: now, this is the fifth day of a red flag warning. three men are in custody, having set a camp fire that they were feeding this camp fire with paper and it got out of hand. clearly irresponsible. they've opinion charged with setting a fire recklessly. one man was homeless. two others transient as far as we can tell. there's no other fire in southern california. so they've been able to really respond to this -- to this thing. having those rereally helped them get this thing under control. back to you. >> all right. joining us live from a serious situation. >> yeah. >> certainly very rare for january. >> it's rough and dangerous, too. >> thank you for the update.
8:41 am
8:40. there is a new market for apple. millions of people in china clamoring to get their hands on an iphone. pam cook will tell us about the roadblocks ahead. >> reporter: we're live in redwood city at the scene of a six-alarm fire that has been burning for several hours. we'll tell you about the progress being made and what we've learned from family members who own this business. we have breaking news in san jose. vta accident on the southwest expressway near stokes. looks like a train may have hit a bicyclist trains are stopped here at the location. we'll let you know more about what's happening now with vta service in san jose. [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso.
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markets are mixed right now. new this morning, housing starts fell in december but still beat estimates. twitter stock is up 5.5% right now with a bullish price target. but intel dragging down the nasdaq with fourth quarter results isthmussed by any.
8:45 am
the dow is up 46. the nasdaq is down 6. s&p down 1 is. let's bring you up to date on some of the other top stories we're following for you right now. three people were hurt in a house fire in san francisco tea bayview district. they were hurt jumping out of a first-story window to get away from the flames. it took about 40 minutes to get the fire under control. the investigation continues. in about 15 minutes, governor jerry brown is expected to announce california is officially in a drought. governor brown has been pressured to make the drought declaration especially by farmers in the central valley, they want him to divert more water to their fields. we're still following this breaking news from the peninsula, a huge six-alarm fire at a machine shop in redwood city. ktvu's janine de la vega was the first reporter there two hours ago. you are back now with a new
8:46 am
update. janine. >> reporter: just spoke with the fire marshal. he says this fire is contained, although it's not under control. you can see there's a lot of white smoke still here. i'm really starting to smell it. i can feel it in my throat and in my lungs. they are attacking this again from the air. they are making some good progress inside. it's still burning. it's definitely burning inside. we've learned that this commercial is a commercial manufacturing business that did not have a sprinkler system. that's one of the reasons why this fire spread so quickly. the fire started at around 6:00 this morning at this commercial warehouse that the business owner identified at a machine shop. the fire spread to the nearby building that's also commercial. huge flames were shooting in the air. 100 firefighters were numerous departments throughout san
8:47 am
mateo county. >> big fire in redwood city. this fire -- it's just scary. just scary. >> reporter: you heard from that resident who says this was quite scary. he's wondering why there's been so many fires in the area. we don't have a cause yet. as far as the family members who own this machine shop, they tell me that there's some plastic metal and oil inside which could be why there is a lot of fuel for the fire. they were very distraught. didn't want to talk on camera. this is their livelihood. they say this business has been in the family for 30 years. firefighters have been attacking this from the outside. they haven't been able to enter
8:48 am
the building. they can't even begin to figure out what caused this to actually spark. reporting live from redwood city, janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, janine. 8:47. 700million potential new customers for apple. as pam cook reports from the newsroom, there are big road blocks ahead as apple moves into china. >> starting today, the iphone will be available through china mobile which means more than 3,000 new outlets and a potential new customer base of 700 million people. china mobile is state owned and china's biggest wireless carrier. the two companies say they've received more than 1 million preorders for the iphone. however, there are two big roadblocks for apple's expansion in china. price and apps. first of all, chinese customers have many cheap phones to choose from and oftentimes people are willing to make the switch to apple because of the apps. but apple lacks that advantage
8:49 am
in china because the government sensors many offerings on itunes. right now, apple only has about 6% of china's smartphone market. because it's such an important growth area, apple's ceo, tim cook traveled to beijing for the big launch. there he is celebrating. he handed out autographed iphones in front of the mobiles in beijing. until now, they have been able to offer this phone through the much smaller competitors. tim cook this morning revealed during the past quarter apple sold more phones in the china market. it chose china as a launch market for the newer 5 phone. pam cook, ktvu channel 2 news. let's go to sal. you are busy. you have the chopper working. we did have the chopper. i was just able to -- the chopper had to take off. i wanted to let you know that
8:50 am
we found out about a vta problem in san jose where bicyclist was hit in san jose near the corner of stokes and southwest expressway. that bicyclist was taken to the hospital and service on vta on. southwest expressway a portion of the mountain view line has been -- has been stopped. there's a bus bridge around this incident. let's take a look at some of these things. san mateo bridge not all that bad. the morning commute looks pretty good heading out to the high rides of the san mateo bridge. bay bridge toll plaza has recovered nicely. there's about a five-minute delay if you are on the outside. for the most part, it's a nice ride into san francisco. on the peninsula, it's slower through 101 in redwood city than it is on 280. i would recommend 280 as your alternate now. let's go to rosemary. >> all about the numbers. near record warmth expected for the afternoon. at this hour, how cold it in in some areas.
8:51 am
may need to bundle up before getting out the door. 31 in napa. 29 in santa rosa. 32 in fairfield. upper 30s in livermore. these numbers haven't budged a lot. as beat get into the 9:00 hour, we'll be slightly better. 53 degrees right now in downtown san francisco. 44 in mountain view. but mid-30s in palo alto along the peninsula there. so the ridge of high pressure in control of the weather pattern. it will weaken as we get into the weekend. it has to do with the system here that unfortunately won't be bringing us any rain. it will bring the temperatures down a little bit. it's going to be subtle with each passing day. i will show you that coming up. for today, sunny and mild as we get into saturday and sunday. it looks like it will continue into the mlk holiday but the dry weather continues as well with no rain in sight. a handful of numbers that we may get close to breaking for today. it doesn't look like we are
8:52 am
expecting to break any temperatures. we're close. livermore, mountain view, tying the records for today. afternoon highs around the region. 68 follow san francisco. 72 for san jose. 70 for livermore. upper 60s in fairfield and 72 for santa rosa. the extended forecast with your bay area weekend always in view, there's that gradual cooling trend i'm talking about. a few degrees for tomorrow and an additional cooldown on sunday, monday into tuesday, mostly sunny and milder weather continuing. back to the desk. changes to the national security agency. what president obama is announcing right now.
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
president obama still announcing some changes to the nsa. he's been speaking since 8:20 this morning. let's listen in. >> what's really at stake is how we remain true to who we are in a world that's remaking itself. whether it's the ability of individuals to communicate ideas, to access information that would have once filled every great library in every great country in the world or to forge bonds with people on other sides of the globe. technology is remaking what's possible for individuals and for institutions and for the international order. so while the reforms that i've announced will point nus a new direction, i'm mindful that
8:56 am
more work will be needed in the future. >> you've been listening to president obama talking about changes to the nsa. he did say the government's massive collection of phone records by the nsa. he says that program as it currently exists will come to an end. all right. 8:55. in about an hour, ed lee will deliver his 2014 state of the city address. early copies of the speech indicate he will focus on housing proebltion ble. he's expected to detail a 7- point plan to increase investments in homes and apartments as well as developing publicly owned land. he will talk about help for the homeless and improving mun looking for tasty food? restaurant week kicks off today. restaurant week lasts ten days, to be accurate. the event offers foodies a chance to explore the city's diverse culinary scene.
8:57 am
restaurants are offering fixed lunch and dinner prices at $20, $30 and $40. this benefits the oakland hearts mural mur. "american idol ql's 134 season is well underway. ♪ >> last night they showed san francisco auditions on the show. rachel of danville was up first. she got the coveted dpoeld ticket to hollywood. is -- gold ticket to hollywood. she was one of two people we talked to who made it through the first audition. we'll track rachel and palo alto's remy as they try to become the next "american idol." you can watch the show right here on wednesday and thursday  nights at 8:00 p.m. let's check in with sal one more time. how is traffic going? >> we're gonna look at the toll plaza. i want to let you know if you are trying to get to san francisco, a small delay, you are off to the city with no
8:58 am
major problems. hello, rosemary. no rain in sight a minor cooldown in store for your weekend. >> all right. thank you, rosemary. and thank you for making ktvu your choice for news. we're waiting for governor brown's news conference to announce california is in a drought. we'll go to that news conference once it begins. thank you for watching. live pictures of the governor's press conference. we'll see you when news breaks.
8:59 am
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